Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Holy Crikies! It's almost time for San Diego Con 2006!

Let's see lots of things have happened since I bloged last. Sorry about that. I went to Seattle to see my kids, and one graduated High School. Anyway, you want news about Fan-Atic Press so here you go....Slam Bang #1 vol III got a rave review from Karen O'Brien in The Comic Buyer's Guide! Issue #1621 October 2006 issue. It'll be the one that gets handed out at the San Diego Con! What timing! And you can read the review on my news page at And I added some new news to that page today. Like dedicated their front page this month to Fan-Atic Press! And there is an interview with me there someplace. I know you don't want to miss that!

I didn't get a booth at San Diego Con. First of all I was going to share a large booth and do this up right. The con organizers didn't see fit to give it to us, so I bought out Dean LeCrone's small press site to use. They decided to give that to someone else also...must of been a long list ahead of me this year. Anyway, thanks to John Lustig of I'll be able to use a tiny corner of his booth! Thanks John!

Everyone that goes find the Last Kiss Comics booth and say hi to John and leave him a message on where to meet you. He will be my home base I guess. Or email me for my cell number, I'll have it with me on vibrate as I'd never hear it ring in that place

Work is progressing on Scarlet Fields #1, by Edward Pun. I've got some help now on the "flats" so I can then color the book for him, and get it out this summer! It will be a great comic that everyone will want, I'm sure of it!

Plus Doc Paradox #1 got a 5 star review at!


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