Monday, December 11, 2006

My list of Comic and Cartoon Credits!

Allen Freeman's List of Comic and Cartoon Credits (That he can remember):

Kentucky Press Newspaper Syndicate (1982)
Editorial Cartoons (also edited the weekly features for a few months.)

Comic Buyer's Guide (1983)
Cartoons published

Many covers and short comic strips for other small press comics: 1984-1990.

New Frontiers Comics (1986):
New Frontiers #1 and #2 (Airbrushed the covers and created 2 color overlays)

(First comic book work besides printing my own comics.)

(Future Beat #1 Cover airbrush black and white. Can't remember publisher) (Also painted a color cover to #2 but never published)
Cat's Paw Comics (1987):
Morgana X #1 (Painted cover, wrote and inked the interior. Designed the logo and interior editorial pages and ads.) (a second issue was completely finished, I did the inking, painted the cover and centerfold....never published.)
Spectrum #1 (Inked and colored the cover, wrote one story and inked 2 stories in the anthology.)

New Voice Media Publishing (1989):
Floyd Flamdoozle #1 (Painted cover)

Jabberwocky Graphics (1988-90)
Fever Pitch #8 (Painted the wrap-around cover)
Best of Fever Pitch (Designed and Painted cover)

Fantagraphics Books (1989):
The Ultimate GnatRat (Painted cover)

Haspel Design (1989):
Rocketpack #1 (Newsletter for Dave Steven's Rocketeer, cover art, interviewed Dave Stevens)

Blind Bat Press (1989)
Wavemakers #2 (I designed and painted the color cover)

NOW Comics and Now Video (1989-1992):
Fright Night #11 and #12 (Painted covers)
Speed Racer Classics #2 (wraparound cover)

Ralph Snart Adventures Vol 3 #10, #17 (and one poster)

Now Video:
Painted the first 3 VHS box covers for Speed Racer Video Collection

Also created and produced The Ralph Snart Fan Club! Put out 4 issues of the newsletter. (1988-89)

Brady Games

Donkey Kong Country 2 (Designed and painted cover to guidebook)
Super Mario RPG (Designed and painted cover to guidebook)
Mortal Kombat Card Game (I designed and painted 9 cards in this set)

NME (1992)
Battlelords Card Game (I designed and painted 12 cards for this set)

Caliber Comics (1987-89):
Frankenstein (Full color comic 48 pages, I did the inking and background art. This was Caliber's all time best selling comic)
The Realm (inked part of 2 issues.)

SKY Comics (1990-92):
Seeker #1 and #2. (Colored the cover to #1 and inked it. Also inked the interiors of both issues and designed the logo for the book.)
Morgana X Special #1 and #1 regular series. (Painted the covers and inked the books and wrote some of the stories.) Sky Comics Presents (A Morgana X story in each issue, that I inked)
Sky #0 ashcan (Inked a Morgana X story)

Arena Comics Magazine (Colored almost all of the covers for this magazine)

Comics Conspiracy (2004):
Tie Teddies #3 (Inking)

Last Kiss Comics (2004-present)
(Comic strip coloring, clean Up, and more)

Wunderman Comics (2005-06)
E.I. #1 (Designed and computer painted the cover. Designed the logo, lettered the 64 interior pages)

Sean McGrath Publishing (2006)
Frater Mine #2, #3 (lettering)

Fan-Atic Press (1984 to present):
MINI comics in 1984: (Zappy Pinhead and the Beatles from Neptune, Evil Doll)

Digest comics:
Captain Optimist #1-5 (Artist and inker, editor, publisher) (1987-1990)

Plus more books back in the 80's I can't remember right now. (Alien Bondage #1, Video Blues #1)

Slam Bang vol 1, #1-33 (Artist, writer, editor, publisher) (1985-1990)
Slam Bang Annual 1999 (Publisher)
Slam Bang Vol 2 #1-7 (2003-2005)
Slam Bang Vol 3 #1 (Artist, letter, writer, editor, publisher) (2006)
Slam Bang Greatest Hits #1 (2004) (Artist, writer, co-editor, publisher)

Full Size Color Comics:
Anton Bogaty Sketchbook (2005) (Editor and publisher)
Doc Paradox #1 (2006) (Editor and publisher)

DVD's I've shot, edited and produced:
San Diego Comic Con 2004 approx 35 min
North End Mafia "Axis of Evil" (2005) 6 live song set (edited MTV style) DVD + a 9 song studio CD (+Easter egg of a full live show.)
Chicago Comic Con 1988 approx 35 min (I just converted the video shot by Matt Feazell, to DVD, and added a commentary bonus feature track) (released 2005) Shows me on my very first comic book panel.
SPACE CON 2005 approx 45 min (Small Press and Alternative Press Expo. I shot it, edited it and created the DVD and Box.)
SPACE CON 2006 1 hour (done, just not on the web site yet, 2 DVD set. I shot some of it, I'm in some of it, and creating the DVD and Box.) Shows me on my second comic book panel ever.
Dean LeCrone vs. The Mutants of Comic Con 40min (Shot at the 2006 San Diego Comic Con) Finished just adding extra features. I shot it, wrote some of it, edited it, and created the DVD and Box.)
This is does not cover my work in commercial art, gaming 3D art, web site design or Photography, just cartoon and comic related projects. Ok I did add the DVD work.....