Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mid-Ohio-Con 2008

It was a fun show. I drove to the show with Clint Basinger and set up next to him and we sold some stuff and made lots of contacts on Saturday. Sunday was much slower but I did have time to get interviewed by John Wilson of Go here to listen to my interview which is part of a longer podcast.

If you only want to hear my interview go to "News" page and see a link at the top right....hit it.

I also shot about 15 mini interviews with my camcorder and will be posting them on YouTube soon. Email me at: and I'll let you know when they are on there. Or just check: off and on or just subscribe to my area and you'll be notified of each new video.

Drawings #2 was delivered by my printer Terry ( and they look awesome! 60 color pages of art by Anton Bogaty. Get it here: of course.

The Fan-Atic Press Films movie Dean LeCrone vs. The Mutants of Comic-Con was selected and shown at their Indy Movie Film Festival. Even though they didn't put in the movie titles in there convention book, and emailed me the wrong time for it on Saturday, it still had a decent turnout and everyone loved it! Some folks afterwards congradulated me on a very funny movie! I even sold a few of the DVD's on Sunday. And some fans walked by and said they already had bought one and loved it!