Wednesday, July 26, 2006

San Diego Comic Con Report #1

Dean LeCrone on the right
with cartoonist and Comic Buyer's Guide Columnist R. C. Harvey on the left.

Hey, this is Allen again, this time it is Wednesday and I've only been home from the San Diego Comic Con for 2 days. I got back late on Monday the 24th. I'm still sore and tired from all the crazy running around I did at the show. You see my cartoonist/actor friend Dean LeCrone drove my wife and me all around and Dean and I spent most of the time at the show interviewing fans, celebs, and crazy people. (The photo here is Dean with Darth Vera, Darth Vader's Jewish Grandmother.) That's right, we put together a very small DVD of some of the fun we had at the 2004 San Diego Comic Con but this is a full blown low budget production! We filmed interviews with actors, comic book artists, aerospace engineers, costumed fans, and just fans in line. You name it we got it! Oh, and the knights in armor going into battle with each other! Ha! Rocking fun! And even I can't wait to see all the footage again! Dean LeCrone out did himself by dancing by himself, chatting it up, commenting on the con's history, and getting the craziest interviews this side of that dog on The Conan O'Brian Show.....

I did it! I got all the photos posted to DotPhoto! First link is for a show that plays or if you want to see the thumbnails of the shots and click on one for a larger one hit the second link in each row. Enjoy!
I wasn't at the convention on Friday as I went to the Zoo but
I have some photos of that also! HA!


Monday, July 17, 2006

Fan-Atic Press to be at San Diego Con this week!

Fan-Atic Press didn't get their mega booth but they will have a small portion of the Last Kiss Comics booth #2205! Check it out!

E.I. #1 by Wunderman Comics just hit the streets. You can order one from me here by sending $10 + 2 shipping (Checks and money orders made out to Allen Freeman) to: Fan-Atic Press, 3106 Dade Cove, Owensboro, KY 42303. The book will be added to the online store at soon. Allen (me) did the cover, and lettered all 64 pages! It's square bound and full color. Story by Nate Wunderman, and pencils by Ron Fontes, know you want it. More news on this soon. (Has a comic ever come out that the cover artist and logo designer only also did the lettering on the inside? I think never.)


Friday, July 14, 2006

Biz Cards for the Con!

OK it's almost time for San Diego Con. Since I don't have a booth I'll be handing out lots of cards....and postcards...wait! I need new biz cards! I get a sweet offer from Vistaprint and get 500 color cards with black and white on the back side. Then they offer me another 500 for just $10 more! If I didn't wait so long to do this and need to pay for rush delivery I'd of hardly paid anything! And they are heavy, coated gloss! Let me know what you think.

Frater Mine #2 and #3 will be at the San Diego Con! I get to see all the lettering I did on them! Wooo, and I have an ad in the back. I'll also soon see E.I. from Wunderman Comics...I did the cover, the logos and lettered this 64 page color book!

More news soon!


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Holy Crikies! It's almost time for San Diego Con 2006!

Let's see lots of things have happened since I bloged last. Sorry about that. I went to Seattle to see my kids, and one graduated High School. Anyway, you want news about Fan-Atic Press so here you go....Slam Bang #1 vol III got a rave review from Karen O'Brien in The Comic Buyer's Guide! Issue #1621 October 2006 issue. It'll be the one that gets handed out at the San Diego Con! What timing! And you can read the review on my news page at And I added some new news to that page today. Like dedicated their front page this month to Fan-Atic Press! And there is an interview with me there someplace. I know you don't want to miss that!

I didn't get a booth at San Diego Con. First of all I was going to share a large booth and do this up right. The con organizers didn't see fit to give it to us, so I bought out Dean LeCrone's small press site to use. They decided to give that to someone else also...must of been a long list ahead of me this year. Anyway, thanks to John Lustig of I'll be able to use a tiny corner of his booth! Thanks John!

Everyone that goes find the Last Kiss Comics booth and say hi to John and leave him a message on where to meet you. He will be my home base I guess. Or email me for my cell number, I'll have it with me on vibrate as I'd never hear it ring in that place

Work is progressing on Scarlet Fields #1, by Edward Pun. I've got some help now on the "flats" so I can then color the book for him, and get it out this summer! It will be a great comic that everyone will want, I'm sure of it!

Plus Doc Paradox #1 got a 5 star review at!