Sunday, August 05, 2007

San Diego Comic-Con 2007.....

Hey, I think I survived the 2007 San Diego International Comic-Con. I ran a booth in the small press zone and sold some Fan-Atic Press comics and mostly I sold the Dean LeCrone vs. The Mutants of Comic-Con DVD's. Yeah, I had a small DVD player running at the booth. Dean LeCrone the star of the movie also helped with the booth and we had tons of fun talking to the "stars" of the movie we shot there last year. They loved it! We even got them telling us what they thought of the movie on video. I'll be posting up lots of great comments and video at soon. You can go there and see all the photos I took at the show this year. Got 200 photos up on Dotphoto. We really wanted to shoot another movie there this year but couldn't find anyone to relieve us long enough from the booth to do it. So we just shot a little here and there and I'll post it on YouTube and you can see it at the link above also.

The crowds were great on every day but Saturday. Yeah, that was a surprise. Turns out they were so afraid that the crowd was going to be too thick on Saturday they didn't sell any tickets at the door. So it was the least crowded day of the show. And everyone's day for slow sales so I heard. And it was true for us, Saturday was a bust. Sunday was very busy and we made up for Saturday.

We hooked up with Pirate Girl, Klingon, Girl that was with Fantastic Boy, Button Dude, Old Jedi, and more.....I even saw the guy that was at the end of our movie that Dean goofed on about missing the show and asking, "Where's my ticket?" And he had on the same shirt!

We sold a nice batch of the DVD's even though quite a few people would watch some of the movie and laugh and tell us how funny it is...only to wonder off and not buy one. We had the usual folks that say they will be back later. On Sunday there were a few of them that did just walk up and hand us money, so they actually meant what they said.

I saw lots of great costumes and got photos of most of them. Dean and I tried to go to one of the panels at the end of Saturday for the cast of the Sara Silverman show but the line was around and around the hallways and we gave up. That was the closest I've come to attending a panel in the 4 years I've attended the show. I did watch some of the panels highlights on
site. I saw the one about the 25th anniversary of Blade Runner movie...that was cool.

I did have a celebrity sighting....I was just walking along and saw an interview in progress and it was Rosario Dawson! I got some great photos of her. I felt like paparazzi!

I had to buy another Teddy Scares bear for my wife Bonnie which was my only request from her this year. After lots of searching and looking in the program to no avail...I found them on Saturday and got the one she wanted. If you are not familiar with the Teddy Scares bears look

I shot about 10 very crazy vader helmets and it turns out there are tons more and you can see them HERE!

I walked so much the first day getting the booth set up I'd rubbed my legs raw. I could hardly walk without pain. It was like a super atomic wedgy....this was so strange it had been a long time since that had happened to me. I'd been working out on the treadmill and to some Billy Blank's DVD's (TaeBo) and was in pretty good shape anticipating all the walking I'd be doing and lifting and dragging stuff around...but didn't prepare for the atomic wedgy! Anyway, I took it easy on the second day and soon recovered....I was very worried I'd miss the second day as walking only made it worse. But I was tough and pressed on.

On Thursday night of the con Dean took me to the meeting of the Southern California Cartoonists Society like we did last year. This year it was just a few blocks from the con so we walked there. Also this time there was no formal talk like before so we just met other members and chatted. Though they may have had more going on later, Dean and I had to split after a while since our hotel was 45 miles away and we needed sleep! I talked with Stan Yan, Michael Aushanker and Craig Boldman at our table and had a great time.

I really missed not having the time to see everything like I did last year but still had fun and was glad our booth was so popular. All the stars that discovered we had the movie out flocked to our table and I'm sure that peaked some interest in the crowd to check out what we had going on there, thus increasing our sales even more.

There were lots of Artist Alley tables this year more than last time I think, and there was still a strong group of small press and Indy comic companies. I was really glad to see that it wasn't shrinking like I thought it would since the cost of the tables had gone up so 2008 the prices are the same as 2007 for a Small Press Table so that is also good news.

I'll be reviewing tons of comics I picked up for review in my Small Press Newsroom Blog: and I was showing a copy of Ka-Whump! #2 around the tables and they all wanted to buy one. Unfortunately I didn't have any with me at the show. But I did give out info on how they could order one. I also played up Small Press Extra and showed off the cover I just did for their issue #6.

Before the Comic-Con I was in Seattle, WA seeing my kids who still live there, Brigitte 19, Alaina 22 and Dustin 24. I gave a talk to the Cartoonist Northwest group on Saturday the 21st and saw John Lustig and Wade Busby there. We had about 15 or more at the meeting and I gave a talk about my years in the gaming biz, commercial art work, and comics. (My son Dustin shot it all on video) Then I showed them the movie Dean LeCrone vs. The Mutants of Comic Con....and they loved it! I even sold some afterwards. They clapped at the end and all told me how impressed they were with Dean and my editing work etc....

After the meeting some of us met at the Hurricane Cafe for food and more talking. John Lustig showed me the newspaper cartoons of his Last Kiss I'd been coloring for him.

After this my son Dustin who was with me and driving me all round, took me to Kenmore, WA where I saw his band Violence Unfolds blow the roof off a small venue that also had two other bands play that night.

My friend Tim Jensen had joined us there and being a crack photographer he took photos of the band as I shot video. Then we played pool there for quite a while! What a night!

I'll be posting up some video very soon!

Now on to Wizard World Chicago Con in just a few days! This is my year of comic cons! I'm also now planning to have 1/2 a booth at the Mid-Ohio-Con in November in Columbus, OH.