Monday, July 17, 2006

Fan-Atic Press to be at San Diego Con this week!

Fan-Atic Press didn't get their mega booth but they will have a small portion of the Last Kiss Comics booth #2205! Check it out!

E.I. #1 by Wunderman Comics just hit the streets. You can order one from me here by sending $10 + 2 shipping (Checks and money orders made out to Allen Freeman) to: Fan-Atic Press, 3106 Dade Cove, Owensboro, KY 42303. The book will be added to the online store at soon. Allen (me) did the cover, and lettered all 64 pages! It's square bound and full color. Story by Nate Wunderman, and pencils by Ron Fontes, know you want it. More news on this soon. (Has a comic ever come out that the cover artist and logo designer only also did the lettering on the inside? I think never.)



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