Thursday, April 27, 2006

CQ Creator's Alliance Meeting -April 26th- Comic Quest Comic Store

I went to my first meeting of the CQ Creator's Alliance Meeting at the Comic Quest comic store in Evansville, Indiana last night. Seemed to be a good turnout of about 15 people or so, all eager to hear my talk about Fan-Atic Press and my history of working in commercial art and comics for the last 28 years or so.... I met some great artists and writers there who I hope contact me as I was too nervous to take notes as to names and email addresses. But I'll be seeing most of them again on Free Comic Book Day on May 6th at the Comic Quest as they will also be setting up a table and talking to the comic fans, and shoppers on that day.

I really want to thank my cousin Harry Lee and his wife Brenda for showing my wife Bonnie and I around Evansville. It had been years since I'd been downtown or to the mall and shopping areas and couldn't remember how to get there. They gave us a grand tour of the downtown where we checked out some antique shops and pawn shops and let me get some photos of the area. They also help me carry stuff into the comic store for the meeting and actually stayed and listened to my rant about doing your own comics etc...Thanks again!

And I have to thank Bonnie for also being such a help and patiently waiting after the talk while I answered some questions from the group about comic coloring, and inking and stuff. She is so supportive and that was what really got me to bring back Slam Bang in 2003 from it's 13 year hiatus! And to get Fan-Atic Press going as a real comic publisher! (And thank you Jim Jones the owner of Comic Quest for also waiting while I hung around a little too long last night.)

Also there was a girl from The Evansville Courier and Press! She took photos of us and talked with me for a bit. I should see something in that newspaper on May 4th. I'll post it here or link you to it if they have it on their web site!

Of course I mostly talked about Slam Bang #1 vol III, as it will be out in a week or so....and people are already asking, "When will it be out?" So I'm assuming they are itching to buy one. I did some research at a large Borders book store and I see that most of the digest, square bound books like my Slam Bang are less pages and a bit more expensive. So I was glad to confirm that I have the price right at $9.95. My book is 200 pages, and I saw books that were the same size with 170 pages or less for $10.95.

So I'm going to put out another Free Comic Book Day Slam Bang edition. (#2) this week, and have it to hand out on May 6th. If you can't make it to the Comic Quest in Evansville, IN then visit your local shop on that day and grab the free books they are offering on May 6th. Or wait another year.....

I'm about to unleash my new "STORE" area on my web site later today....with a PayPal Shoping Cart no less.....finally all the cool stuff I have to offer for sale in one place!

More shots of Evansville, IN

Peace out!


Sunday, April 02, 2006


Looks like I may be a guest, and set up again this year at a comic store on Free Comic Book Day. This time I'll be in Evansville, IN of all the Comic Quest. (Have to meet with them first.) It's a cool place, large, and gets tons of traffic, so I've heard. Wish me luck. And I may even have Doc Paradox #1, and Slam Bang #1 vol III, with me to sell by then....
Comic Quest
2260 E Morgan Ave
Evansville, IN

Read this BLOG NOW! Christopher Moshier just posted this great blog about Morgana X and stuff he is working on for Fan-Atic Press!!

And get your free area at
And the blog there is:
And I've found some places to store or host my videos and music files (or anything) for free! As much space as I want for free. That's a great price. Just ask me.

And I'm already gearing up for SPACE CON (May 13th, Columbus, OH. SPACE) my banner all set up with a free standing stand finally. And I hope to have some T-shirts, and something to hand out free, like a postcard, pen, or button....

And yes, I'll be roaming the halls filming my second video documentary for another DVD of the show. This time I'll have another team to help me! So two crews, two cameras to roam the ready with your 15 second advertise your stuff for free!

==Allen Freeman

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Video Test (The Intruder)

If this works it's a short movie I made with my 2 daughters 5/2001 just for the heck of it.

Enjoy! And if this works, I'll be posting more comic related videos I have here!