Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Dean LeCrone vs. The Mutants of Comic-Con --AT LAST!

(This is just a mock up of the box, may not be final design.)

I've been working day and night for the last few days (not to mention off and on for the last year) and I'm officially announcing that the DVD, "Dean LeCrone vs. The Mutants of Comic-Con" is finished. Well, the main 40 minute movie is done. Shot on location at the San Diego Comic-Con in 2006, this movie has been in production for almost a year!

Break out the beer!

The DVD will have tons of extra features that are not yet finished (extended interviews, a funky quiz, outtakes, and surprises!)....but I'm so excited about the main movie being done! A few lucky persons like Larned Justin, saw most of the movie at SPACE this year at my booth and from the responses I got it will be a huge hit! I'm not kidding, when 5-8 people all stand, eyes locked to the little DVD player, laughing every 2 minutes for almost 40 minutes....you know its got to be good! This is no ordinary con film. No, this is pure comedy by the masterminds of Dean LeCrone and Allen Freeman. Ok, I must admit that I only added to the fun factor with my creative editing skills, and by adding some of the ideas, most of the credit has to go to Dean LeCrone who improvised the interviews and antics on the film. And he later wrote tons of bits to enhance the footage taking it even farther! Even writing and singing songs! (But I don't want to give it all way...) I was mostly just the cameraman/tech-geek/designer in the background making all his ideas happen!

Anyway the movie "Dean LeCrone vs. The Mutants of Comic-Con" will have an official premiere in San Diego on June 2nd in a real theater thanks to the Fallbrook Film Club. (Checking to see exactly what the name of that group is...) More details as that happens! Oh, and it is planned to have showings in another location in May in San Diego (San Diego Cartoonists Society), and showings in a theater in Seattle, WA (Historic University Theater)....isn't that crazy? We are also trying to sneak it into some programming at the San Diego Comic-Con this year (but that's a secret)....wish us luck!

Anyway, the DVD will be taking advance orders at www.fanaticpress.com and www.fanaticpressfilms.com soon....and will be sold at our booth at the San Diego Comic-Con this year in July!

More news as it happens!