Monday, May 15, 2006

SPACE CON 2006 a Success!

Well I had a great time at the SPACE Con 2006. I had tons of help this year, Todd Ritter, Chris Moshier, Mike Hutchings, and Bonnie (my Wife)....We took (they sometimes stole my camera) about 100 photos. I'll be posting up a link here soon for where you can see the good ones. It was the premiere of Slam Bang #1 vol III, the 200 page digest, and Doc Paradox #1. So people had a reason to check out the booth. Saw some old friends such as; Tim Corrigan, Nate and Matt Corrigan, Larry Blake, Matt Feazell, Jim Pack, Larry Neibert, and Bob Corby to name a few. At the pre Con party I got to talk to Crebus creators Dave Sim and Gerhard. So naturally showed them Slam Bang #1 vol III. They seemed to love it, and they remembered me since I submitted Slam Bang #7 to the Day Prize Contest last year. Gerhard spilled the beans that the Anton Story that was nominated didn't win. He said it was a close call. This let to something later I'll just go ahead and tell. They gave out plaques at a cerimony later at the con to the winners of the Day prizes of books sumitted last year. Since I already knew that Anton Bogaty's story, "Justin's Last Chance" didn't win, I didn't go to the ceremony. And because someone else wanted the event filmed so I sent Mike and Chris to do it leaving me at the booth. Anyway, after the ceremony they all came back and Gerhard said, "Where were you! We had an award for you!". And sure enough I was to have gotten an award plaque and given a little again missed my 15 min of fame. (I'm up to about a whole hour now.) So I have a Plaque for Anton and for myself. (Mine says: "Fan-Atic Press where his has his name.)

We shot over 4 hours of video! Yeah, putting together the second annual SPACE CON DVD. So that will take me a while to produce but I'll let everyone know when that'll be done and available.

Here is Dave Sim (Known for his comic Cerebus.) at the Friday night party. He said, "This looks great! I hope you sell a bunch of them!"

Gerhard (Also of Cerebus fame.) said: "I remember the DVD you made last year, great work."


---More news after I recover

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