Friday, May 05, 2006

Evansville (IN) Currier & Press Article (Graded: "D")

The Evansville Currier & Press did put a small article online about the Creators Alliance Meeting, but they didn't talk about FREE COMIC BOOK DAY (which was why we wanted the article) or most of the members that attended the meeting. Turns out the writer of the article didn't show up and evidently didn't talk to the photographer that did. Also they didn't run any of Elizabeth Fisco's photos that she took that night with the online article. (Thank you for showing up EF!) So all in all I'd give it a "D-". But since any publicity is better than none I'll bump that up to a "D". Here is the link to the article that I'm talking about: Evanasville Currier & Press

And while you are there hit the "Comments" link at the bottom. There you'll see my comments back to them. I think I was very good in staying calm about the whole thing. In closing, maybe they will try and do a better article later to make up for this? Or will they let someone submit the article for them next time?

---Allen Freeman

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