Thursday, March 30, 2006

Slam Bang #1(vol III, or #41) is at the Printer! 200 pages!

(TWO COVERS) Slam Bang #1, vol III, is a digest, square bound book with color covers and will be printed by Dream Weaver Press. Front cover by Charlene Chua, and the back cover is also a cover, by Christina Wald! Here is the complete contributor list (in order of appearance) for the book (200 pages!): Charlene Chua (Cover)(“GothGirls: Deadline” Pages 54-55) Brad Foster (art Page 2) (art Page 189) Stan Yan ("Mr. Flingpoo in Press Corps Whore" Pages 3-7) Jim Siergey ("National Identity Card" Page 8) ("Kielbasa Nova" Pages 38-39) Kevin K. Hanna ("Random Frog Children" Page 9) ("Ad" Page 188) John Lustig ("" Page 10) ("" Page 53) Matjaz Bertoncelj ("Baraho LKA" Page 11) ("Feed The Beast"- Pages 21-26) ("Nigerian Business" Page 33) Scott Nickel ("Zombie Girlfriend"- Page 12 & 94) (cartoons Page 58) Marianne R. Petit ("716"- Pages 13-17) Casey Camp ("My Life as a Robot" Pages 18-20) Buck Weiss (writer- "Angry One" Pages 27-32) (story "Sleepbringer: Manifest Destiny" Pages 41-42) Ben Ferrari (artist- "Angry One" Pages 27-32) (artist/creator- "Sleepbringer: Manifest Destiny" Pages 41-42) Paul Allen ("Brains" Page 34 & 182) ("Monsters" Page 93) Steven Mannion ("Zombie Island Party" Pages 35-37) Larry Blake (inks- "Paul Stanley" Page 40) ("Breath of a Gunslinger" Pages 73-78) Allen Freeman editor/publisher and: (lettering- "7 Deadly Sins" (Pages 1-8) (lettering-"Photograph" Pages 122-126) (pencils- "Paul Stanley" Page 40) (art- "Deer Hunting With Bears" Pages 183-187) (writing- "Feel Lucky?" Page 200) Ron and Justine Fontes ("Tales of the Terminal Diner" Pages 43-52) Matt Levin ("Politics" Pages 56-57) Anton Bogaty ("A Science Fiction Situation" Pages 59-63) Dan Lauer ("Iron Chef Funnies" Pages 64-65) Renzo Soto ("Supervaca" Pages 66-68) Mark Monlux ("The Return of Stickman!" Pages 69-70)("Comic Critic Page 71) All Smash Funnies ("Ad" Page 72) Matt Voss ("Chuck’s Bad Day" Pages 79-84) Jonathan Gilbert (writing- "Mercury Origin" Pages 85-92) Rob Jones (artwork- "Mercury Origin" Pages 85-92) Mike Rickaby (letters and tones- "Mercury Origin" Pages 85-92) Craig Boldman ("A Visit to Rural Pennsylvania" Page 95) ("Tailipoe" Page 145) Rob Meier (Destro) ("Girl Fixing Robot" Page 96) Daryl Hutchinson ("Artwork and Tarot Card Art" Pages 97-100) Tim Corrigan ("Fred and Marvin Comics" Pages 102-119) Dan Taylor ("Dr. Henderson’s" Pages 120-121) Kriss Salieri ("Photograph" Pages 122-126) Tyler Sticka ("Flies" Pages 127-129) John Sow ("When You’re Different" Pages 130-1353) David Johnson Jr. (assist- "7 Deadly Sins" Pages 1-8) Christopher Moshier (writer- "7 Deadly Sins" (Pages 136-143) Andrea Blanco (artist assists- "7 Deadly Sins" Pages 136-143) Alejandro Alvarez (artist- "7 Deadly Sins" Pages 136-143) Eric Lundgren ("Space Pirates" Page 144) Jason Jones ("Slam Bang Farm" Pages 146-148) (story- "Deer Hunting with Bears" Page 187) Paul Morgan (story- "Plethoric Man" Pages 149-158) ("Doctor Stiletto" Pages 164-167) Eliseu Gouveia (art- "Plethoric Man" Pages 149-158) Shelton Bryant (art- "Plethoric Man" Pages 149-158) Simon Bowland (letters- "Plethoric Man" Pages 149-158) Russ Maheras ("The Lotta Gall Show" Pages 159-162) Dean LeCrone ("Retribution" Page 163) ("Wacky Old People" Pages 176-177) Mau Russo (letters- "Doctor Stiletto" Pages 164-167) Kevin Brockschmidt ("Cartoons" Page 168) Ron LeBrasseur ("Blood Moon" Pages 169-174) Jeff Gaither ("Head" Page 175) ("Zombie" Page 199) (See some web news about JEFF. Edward Pun ("Under the Surface" Pages 178-180) Robin Ator ("Godzilla" Page 181) Douglas Chaffee (painting- "Feel Lucky?" Page 200) Christina Wald (back cover-cover.) and a special shout out for their moral support to; Todd Ritter, Chuck Haspel, Dennis Feeback, Gerry Freeman (mom), Bonnie Freeman (wife). Visit: for all your heavy metal music of the future

With PayPal $10.00+ $2.50 shipping. Or mail check or money order made out to Allen Freeman to: Fan-Atic Press, 3106 Dade Cv, Owensboro, KY 42303

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