Friday, March 03, 2006

Slam Bang #1 vol III, is in production! Get it on!

Send in those contributions pronto as I'm assembling the book now! There is still a chance I need more stuff as I'm never completely sure how its going to go until I get it assembled. More new contributors: Matjaz Bertoncelj (Solvenia), Ron and Justine Fontes, Christian S. Aluas (Canada), big promises from Christina Wald, John Lustig, Sygnin and a few others I'm patiently waiting on...seems true quality work takes time, or something like that. So I've heard.

Berserker:Brother Assassin has 16 pages penciled! (With about 20 more to go.)Wooooo, and I've started inking them. I'm doing the coloring, and lettering....hope to get this done before July. Wish me luck! Christopher Moshier wrote the script adapted from the Fred Saberhagen novel of the same name. (In case I forgot to mention that every blog entry...) And this will be issue 1 in a 3 issue series!

I drove to Evansville, IN which wasn't really that far from Owensboro, KY. And checked out 2 great comic stores there. Comics Unlimited which was a great little shop. Well organized and clean, and easy to find things. Then I went to Comic Quest. Wow, is that place big. Lots of back issues and 20% off the old stuff all the time! Sweet. No, I forgot to take any DRAWINGS to show them...but will next time for sure. As I'll be hitting the road off and on to visit the local comic shops. Fantasy Limited is the store in Owensboro, and they ("Jazzy" Jeff Peyton) bought everything I had out! Even the Space Con DVD! Wooooo, the big surprise is they still let me in their store. Go figure.


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