Sunday, March 05, 2006

Doc Paradox is ready! Willie Wonka on Steroids!

That's right, the 20 page full color comic by Paul Allen called Doc Paradox is done! Written, penciled, inked, colored, lettered and everything by Paul. He is sending me all the pages via CD and I'll make sure they meet the comiXpress requirments and off they go! You could be reading the first in a series of Doc Paradox comics, in time for the SPACE Con, May 13th. Yeah, it could happen! Doc Paradox and his companion Trixie roam the Intergalactic Spaceways, Time Traveling around, trying not to screw up the Time Space Continuum in the process...... Go to this link and look at the first comic strip of Doc Paradox. Now he's 10 times cooler and has his own comic!

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