Sunday, October 31, 2010


Happy Halloween!

Yep, I went to Disneyland (10/23/10) for the first time. I'd been to Disneyworld two times. This was a blast. I Drove 1 hour north to Temecula, CA. Met up with my pal Dean LeCrone (star of stage and screen) and his son Paul and Paul's friend Troy. We hop in Dean's car and drive 1 hour north to Anaheim, CA, home of Disneyland. On the way there we recorded a funny little free-form podcast. SLAM BANG MEDIA.

We had to board a bus to take us from the parking lot to the park. We ride on the Toy Story bus from the Woody area.

To see all the photos I took and posted on Facebook go HERE.

I've been watching just about every season of WEEDS. Don't know why I'm hooked on this. Even got my wife watching it. We have Netflix and can use the wii to stream movies and shows onto our TV. Pretty cool. Someday I'll use the wii to play more games...who has the time?

I got a iMac a few weeks ago and I'm having some fun figuring out stuff. Lucky for me I don't get frazzled easily....I do have a book "iMac for Dummies" but so far haven't cracked it open yet. I've been figuring out how to do the simplest things...make a new's like the PC but turned on it's head. I've pretty much totally started doing all my photography work on it already, using Lightroom 3, and all the other Adobe programs....I even edited up some audio for my podcasts and some video. I'm starting to really like it. Especially the 27" screen. I like the fact the Mac is helping me correct my spelling even in this program! Makes me look smarter.

I'm looking forward to a workshop I signed up for Wednesday night (Nov 3rd) to help me with night shooting. I have to drive out to this island (Coronado) which I have been out to once before when Bonnie and went out exploring. I'm to get there at 6:00pm but I'm going early to catch some sunset shots. Seems the sunset starts about 5:45pm....or is it 6:15? Either way I'll get there on time. We will shoot night shots of buildings and models and use a tripod etc... I have two tripods yet rarely have them with me. This session could help me out, plus I'll meet some folks that like photography.

Still haven't started on the web site Will soon. Dean and I will team up and work together on some projects and help bring in clients, etc.... the site will showcase pretty much the stuff I have up at and add in cartooning and acting videos by Dean. Together we can do everything an ad agency can do, pretty much.

Also hoping to add up some new little videos to my YouTube account. Dean and I shot some funny footage at Disneyland that I need to edit up.

My podcast today has been moved from the usual 5:00pm EDT to 8:00pm EDT as I need a nap. Stayed up too late last night...should be asleep now to catch up. Call in:

The sun came back out after a few weeks of all white day it is in the mid 70's next day high 60's.....well, at least last night we went out to get something to eat and it was 60 degrees! I was not prepared. I had on shorts, short sleeve t-shirt....yikes!


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