Monday, March 03, 2008


SLIDE SHOW ABOVE updated with more images:March 8th, 2008.

I went to the con with Clint Basinger of Cosmic Moustache Comics ( and we stayed with some of his relatives which saved us tons of money, thanks folks! The first day of the convention was Saturday, March 1st, and from the start I could tell this was going to be better than last years show, as far as the crowds, as people were coming it right at the start of the show, starting to buy stuff and talk it up. Sunday was slower but I was on a panel ANTHOLO-GEEZ. See more about it below.

SLAM BANG #3 vol III premieres at SPACE!

See all the photos I took at this show:
Last year the show was on very sunny, beautiful day and apparently was the first nice day outside since last Fall in Ohio so everyone wanted to get out in the sun avoiding our show most of the time. I did fine over all last year, but much better this year actually.

Mark Inneswho I'd known since 1989 or so was here from Canada, --my first time to meet him in person. A great guy. I'd helped him get his comic anthology THE COMIC EYE assembled for his printer and I'd contributed to the book. The book turned out fantastic and by the fact I saw lots of folks walking around with one and having me sign them, I'd say they sold well for him. They are a full size comic, square bound, 176 pages, with a Dave Sim cover. That cover didn't hurt him at all since Dave Sim was there and I got a signed one from Mark near the end of the scoop on that one!
----Rafer Roberts of Plastic Farm

I talked with Dan Taylor who had his booth and we always compare cameras as ours are similar. OK. his is a little better than mine. There Dan, happy now? His Weird Muse comics were there and I have another batch to review for him on my site. He will get a high rating even though he did try to bribe me. (Joke). See his stuff at: UPDATE: I just reviewed a batch of his new Mini Comix on my Small Press Newsroom!

Talked to Max Ink, Matt Feazell, Larry Blake, Dave Sim (for a sec), Bob Corby, Cal Crumb, the guys from who I send audio to for their Indy Comic Podcast every Tuesday, check it out. (I'll dig up their names soon I promise.)
Dave Sim and some art on his table. Dave unveiled some amazing art from his new project Jewdenhass (Jew hatred). I got to see the book and most of the original art pages! Wow.

I was on a comic panel on Sunday afternoon about Anthologies. Mark Innes (Blind Bat Comics), Rafer Roberts (Plastic Farm) , Dara Naraghi (Ferret Press) and Bob Corby (Back Porch Comics and organizer of the Space Con). That was fun and Matt Dimbicki was the host. Great job Matt! Matt is busy working on his own anthology TRICKSTER. Check it out here:

--Dan Taylor, Weird Muse Comics
I'll think of all the other folks I talked with soon and update this but just wanted to say the show was a big success for me as I premiered my new Slam Bang book 3 vol III, "Mostly True Stories" issue. Everyone loved it and some even said it was my best issue of the title so far. "blush".
Stay tuned for more here soon!


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Great wrapup Allen! Wish I was there! Get with me about a writeup for'd the issues sell?


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