Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dave Stevens passes away......

OK, I just heard about the passing of Dave Stevens. He was 52. I'm sure most of you already know about this and have read all about Dave. I'll just stick to what I know.

In 1988 I assisted a fellow artist Chuck Haspel in putting together the first issue of The Rocketeer Newsletter. Here is the cover I did for that first issue.

I also called Dave who was helping us with new news about his work for the newsletter and interviewed him for like 2 hours or so. I had tons of audio to transcribe and I think we used it in issue #2 or something. If I can find that I'll post it.

Dave was very generous and sent us lots of pages and art long before it was seen anywhere else.

I met Dave around 1989 at the Chicago Comic Con. He was very friendly. Later during that show I was with Chuck at a resturant and Dave walked in for lunch. He didn't mind that we went all fan-crazy over seeing him there.

In 2004 I saw his booth at the San Diego Comic con. He remembered me!

In 2007 they had a 25 year tribute to the Rocketeer and they printed my cover art in that collector issue!

Here is another fan piece that was used for a small press cover that Chuck penciled and I inked and grey toned back in 1988.

I'll sure miss him. Chuck and I tried to draw more like him and I'm sure that improved our work tremendously!

Goodbye Dave.....I will never forget you or your work and you will always be one of my heroes!

===Allen Freeman (03/12/2008)

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