Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Dean LeCrone visits KY

That's right Fan-Atic Press FILMS division was happy to have Dean LeCrone visit from San Diego Sept 14-18th. Dean and the crew from Fan-Atic Press (Allen) worked night and day to edit the over 6 hours of footage they shot at the San Diego Comic Con back in July of this year. Dean had worked up many lists, and ideas, bits and funny stuff for the DVD and Allen was ready to get it all into shape. Together they have so far produced over 30min of prime hillarity that they can't wait to unleash on the general populace. They only were interrupted from their work by Allen's wife Bonnie having to be rushed to the ER for breathing problems due to her coming down with Brochial Flu and Laryngitis etc...She is much better now and after 2 weeks of feeling bad she may be going back to work soon. (RN at the hospital.)

Anyway, even with all that excitement Dean and Allen were able to get 90% of this project done. Just a little more at the end of the show and it'll be finished. So expect it in October! Watch this space or www.fanaticpress.com of more info on the DVD now with this title:
Working 15-18 hour days for 3 and 1/2 days Allen and Dean did all they could to make this the funniest video ever made of the San Diego Comic Con. Really! No lie! It will be about 40 minutes and have at least 30 minutes of extra features and extended interviews with pro's from the convention. It's a no brainer that you'll really want to see this DVD!

Here is Dean working on the floor (Yes I had a table for him but he wanted it this way.).

Yes, all of those pages contain Dean's extensive list of what was on all the footage we shot, his ideas of what to add to tie them all together, and how to make it even funnier! Sure I threw in my 2 cents here and there with my crazy banter skills, but Dean was the mastermind. He threw me the ideas of what he wanted and when and using Photoshop, Premiere and Adobe Encore pulled it all together.

In all that time we didn't really try and kill each other but this was taken by a paparazzi at some point during production:

But no one was seriously injured. Here are some classic Dean LeCrone poses. This one is his Jack Kirby art pose:

And here is Dean's pose for his someday to be released action figure:

And here is how the action figure will look:

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