Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Deadline -End of October- Slam Bang #2 vol III

Cover art copyright Doug Chaffee 2006
See more of Doug's work at http://www.chaffeestudios.com

art copyright 2006 by Chuck Haspel

Deadline MOVED for Slam Bang #2 vol III.
New deadline for comic submissions for Slam Bang #2 vol III is END OF OCTOBER. That is the last extention! Finito!

So send your stuff to: fanaticpress@yahoo.com

Some contributors so far (Some have projects they are working on.):

Doug Chaffee (cover and illos)
Mark Martin (back cover and comics)
Chuck Haspel (illos and comics)
Agata Laguniak (comics)
Matjaz Bertoncelj (comics)
Nick Andreychuk (comics)
Christopher Moshier (comics)
Christina Wald (comics)
Renzo Soto (comics)
Rory McConville (comics)
Brad Foster (illos)
Stan Yan (comics)
Steve Rasnic (comics)
Tony Smith (comics)
David Johnson (illos or comics)
Paul Swain (comics)
Robin Ator (comics)
Dean LeCrone (comics)
Jacob Warrenfeltz (comics)
Larry Miller (comics)
Charlene Chua (comics)
Daryl Hutchinson (art)

If you sent something and think you should be on this list email me!
If you plan to send something email me!

and do it now! Thanks a bunch.....


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