Sunday, February 05, 2006


I just paid for my booth at the Space Con, Columbus, OH. It's May 13th this year. And in a much larger nicer building.">
Went from $25 to $45 but still worth it I'm sure. I plan to make another video of the show this year. Had lots of fun making the 2005 DVD, this time I'll have 2 assistants with me. Chris Moshier from NY and a friend will do the interviews and I can stay working the camcorder out of sight and sound, where I belong. one of the most read blogs on the net, mentioned my comic - Anton Bogaty DRAWINGS. The 60 page comic size all color sketchbook of Anton Bogaty's cool girls, monsters and mad magazine type work.. I put out. I had a limited edition of 100 signed and numbered and still had 1/2 of those when this hit. I ended up getting over 100 orders in 2 days from this. Now I'm back to Comixpress to get more copies (regular issues, not signed and numbered limited edition this time). They lowered their rates on color comics so I may actually make a profit on this book yet!

I'm getting lots of great contributions for my Slam Bang #1 volume III. More Robin Ator and more Jim Siergey,! New deadline for contributions is end of February. I'll have the book to dreamweaver press in March and get them in April in time for the SPACE con etc... It'll be a color cover, 200 page square bound book this time. Black and white interiors. Dreamweaver has the best price and specialize in this type book it seems. Still digest size as Slam Bang should always be that size I think. I will print up 500 copies for the first run. Will try and get Diamond to pick it up etc... I'll have a bio of all the contributors in the back and they all get a 2" x 5"wide ad to do what they want with. And of course they get a free copy of the book.

That's it for to watch the Super Bowl. I've moved recently from WA (back to KY) but would still love to see the Seahawks win this!

Oh, and I cut my hair short and shaved off my beard for my new look this millinium.

---Allen my new best photos site. my old company is back....(site under construction but works.)

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Very good job !Bravo!