Wednesday, February 15, 2006

CONTRIBUTORS to SLAM BANG #1 vol far....

First of all Slam Bang gets more stuff every day from some great contributors! I ran an ad in and it's working! I'm making sure I can fill the 200 pages planned for Slam Bang #1 (Vol 3). It's looking better all the time!
So far:
Christina Wald, Anton Bogaty, Russ Maheras, Pat Aulisio, Jim Siergey, Stan Yan, Quinton Hoover, Tim Corrigan, John Lustig, Mark Monlux, Dan Taylor, Steve Mannion, Casy Camp, Robin Ator, Jason Jones, Paul Allen, Paul Morgan, Tylor Sticka, Scott Nickel, Jacob Warrenfeltz, Eric Lindgren, Edward Pun, Doug Chaffee, Craig Boldman, Sygnin (Charlene Chua) and more I'll keep adding....

To contribute: EMAIL ME

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