Sunday, October 23, 2005

We Moved!

Yes boys and girls we have made the move from WA back to KY. The Fan-Atic Press empire was doing very well the last 9 years in WA but events have brought us back to KY once again. This should not interrupt publishing plans more than the delays that have already come to pass. But for more info I'll be updating this blog more often with reports on Slam Bang the distributed 200+ slick graphic novel format #1 volume III, that is in the works. See for more info.

My wife and I drove in the little Toyota Solara, with 3 cats, 2400 miles in 3 days. We left at noon on Friday the 14th, went through: WASHINGTON, OREGON, IDAHO, WYOMING, COLORADO, KANSAS, MISSOURI, ILLINOIS and KENTUCKY. We stopped 2 nights at cat friendly hotels for about 7 hours or less each to Owensboro, Ky Sunday night at 9:00pm. Whew!

See some photos:

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