Sunday, April 19, 2009

SPACE 2009 (Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo

I'm typing this Sunday at the start of day 2 of SPACE in Columbus, OH, April 19th. Yesterday was great with lots of people talking, and buying small press comics. My Fan-Atic Press booth was doing well, mostly selling my newest books, especially Slam Bang #4 Vol III the music theme issue. I also for the first time put out the complete 4 issues of Rock and Roll Death Wagon the series by Ed Bolman. Issues #3 and #4 arrived from the printer to the hotel I was staying at. That's cutting it close. Also Tim Corrigan's Mightyguy book that I published arrived. It's selling very well and looks pretty sharp. Tim Corrigan is set up this year at the show and was impressed with the printing of the books. Terry Huddleston of published all of my books again this year. Great job.

Yesterday I went around the convention buying books for review later on my site. I'll also be sending some of the books to Dan Burke for him to review in his YouTube show.

Next to me is Clint Basinger of who is doing well at the show as usual. We came to the show together from the Owensboro, KY area. We got stuck in traffic for about 40 minutes along the way to Columbus as they were pulling a simi trail truck out of a ditch next to the road. It had taken out the guard rail and it lost all of it's load of bread products and the front wheels of the cab.

I'll be posting photos here soon as I get home of Dan Taylor, Matt Feazell, Tim Corrigan, Clint Basinger, Nate Corrigan, Larry Blake, Wade Busby and many more from the show.....along with some covers of the books I picked up.

Stay tuned.


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