Sunday, April 02, 2006


Looks like I may be a guest, and set up again this year at a comic store on Free Comic Book Day. This time I'll be in Evansville, IN of all the Comic Quest. (Have to meet with them first.) It's a cool place, large, and gets tons of traffic, so I've heard. Wish me luck. And I may even have Doc Paradox #1, and Slam Bang #1 vol III, with me to sell by then....
Comic Quest
2260 E Morgan Ave
Evansville, IN

Read this BLOG NOW! Christopher Moshier just posted this great blog about Morgana X and stuff he is working on for Fan-Atic Press!!

And get your free area at
And the blog there is:
And I've found some places to store or host my videos and music files (or anything) for free! As much space as I want for free. That's a great price. Just ask me.

And I'm already gearing up for SPACE CON (May 13th, Columbus, OH. SPACE) my banner all set up with a free standing stand finally. And I hope to have some T-shirts, and something to hand out free, like a postcard, pen, or button....

And yes, I'll be roaming the halls filming my second video documentary for another DVD of the show. This time I'll have another team to help me! So two crews, two cameras to roam the ready with your 15 second advertise your stuff for free!

==Allen Freeman

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