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Movie Premiere Huge Success!

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On June 2nd in Fallbrook, CA at the Mission Theatre at the "Comic and Animation Film Festival" was shown, for the first time on the big screen.....Dean LeCrone vs. The Mutants of Comic-Con! And it was a huge hit. Why? Because everyone there said so! They said, "I laughed till I had tears in my eyes!". No lie! They said that! And you can bet that Dean LeCrone, star of the movie, writer of the movie, and director (Plus the host for this event), was in tears. I'm Allen Freeman, the writer of this blog, and I was the cameraman/editor/designer/marketing guru/webmaster for the film and I was in tears! I couldn't believe what I was seeing and hearing! There was about 80 people in the audience and they were cat calling, whistling, laughing, and having a blast from the very start to the very end of the movie! They also loved Dean's hosting of the event, as he made fun of his helpers on stage (Robin: Brandon), commented about the guy in the booth (Chris) running the videos and movies, and kept the crowd in stitches right on up to the showing of the movie.

This movie was shot on location at the San Diego Comic-Con in July of 2006. Tons of time, airfare, blood-sweat-and-tears, went into this 41 minute movie and finally, on this day, it was all worth it! They liked it, they really liked it! I had thought they would as I'd shown the movie on a tiny 10" DVD player at my booth at the SPACE con in April to about 5 to 8 comic attendees and they loved it! They went on and on about how great, funny, inventive it all was. And sure, my relatives, parents and wife all said it was funny. But they had to. But having total strangers come up to me at the after-party of the Premiere saying,
"It was really great!"
"It should be on TV!"
"I was blown away!"
"I laughed till I cried!"

I'll post some photos here very soon to prove we had a crowd there. We had a storm trooper, and Robin and Batman, and the Autumn Fairy, and other costumed people in the crowd. Some for the show, some for the Masquerade contest etc....

I also got to ride in a limo for the first time. A very long black 2006 stretch limo. With Dean and me in the limo was Julie Coffman, Dean's date for the evening, and she sang two of the original songs for the movie! And we had Paul LeCrone in the limo, Dean's son of 13 who was in some of the extra features on the DVD. (You'll just have to see it.) One of my favorite stories (I have a bunch now) is where we needed some small bills to make change for when we sold the DVD's after the show. So the limo pulled up to a large grocery store in the very front. Bob the limo driver got out, came to the back near the store, opened the door and I got out. I went in and everyone in the store was looking at me. They were frozen....trying to figure out what star I was. Quickly I'm sure, they didn't recognize me, but they still were waiting to see what I was doing. I grabbed some water bottles and went to check out. The girl at the cash register was just starring at me. So was the girl waiting to bag the stuff. Then the cash register girl said, "That's all you came in for?" I said, "Well, actually I need some $5's for these $20's. She laughed and shook her head at the other girl. Then I ran out....I swear I didn't see anyone move the whole time.....HA!

I'll have some video clips of some of our limo experience here soon!

I flew in to San Diego from KY on May 31st, and Dean and I hung out at the Fallbrook Lodge. The hotel was so bad that Dean and I had to shoot a mock advertising commercial for the hotel! Right! I'll edit it and post it here soon! Yeah, it is pretty funny. The funniest part is that all the screwed up, missing, worn out, stuff we showcase about the Lodge is true! It was there! Ha!

I will probably add some of the footage of the Premiere and it's aftermath and put it on an extra DVD that we will sell separately from the movie. (The movie already has tons of extra features).
And in case you didn't already know, you can get the movie at:

And yes, we are already getting orders online! And some emails praising the premiere and our movie! As we had a table set up at an after-party near the theater to sell the DVD's, which we did sell! Wow! Cool comments about the show, Dean's expert hosting job, our comic and cartooning portfolios and questions like: "Will you be shooting another con movie next month at the San Diego Comic-Con?"
Answer: YES!

Dean LeCrone LORD of COMIC CON!


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