Thursday, December 22, 2005

Almost Back in Action

This is a shot I took near the golf course where my parents live. It was about 7:30am as I was driving to pick up my wife Bonnie from work that morning. Yeah, they get snow here in KY.

Well it's been a very trying move to KY from WA. Had to stay with my parents for about 2 months. That was OK, but our 3 cats and their one cat didn't get along till the last week or so. We had to work out selling our house in WA which we finally did. Sold it to the one offer we got. They got everything in the deal, my pool table, washer and dryer and other stuff that my son was going to get. So he wasn't happy. And they got lots of kitchen stuff that went with the decor that we remodeled it to. So they were pretty happy I bet. And we turned around and got a nice house in Owensboro, KY. Not far from my parents and not far for my wife Bonnie to get to work. And I have a nice office in the upstairs and room to store my comics and stuff....looks like I designed it myself.

The only hitch was that we had some very high prepayment penalties we had to pay to get out of our mortgages in WA. Seems that they slipped in some things that we didn't know we were signing. But now had no choice but to pay them. This is a financial set back for Fan-Atic Press but we are not down for the count. Just another delay till we can recover. So I may just put out a few copies of Slam Bang #1 Volume III, enough to sell at the SPACE con and maybe San Diego Con. But will have to wait on my larger quantity publishing bonanza. And I'll do the same for Morgana X etc....

Morgana X is moving along with 4 pages all done by Rob Schneiders, so far. They look great! See all 4 pages below. And sales of Anton Bogaty's DRAWINGS have been fantastic with about 70 of the 100 printed copies remaining! Almost all of these sold through the web site and with refurrals from Anton's site ( helping the most.

I plan on making more progress on Solitare and updating the web site at very soon with more new developements.

More news as it happens!

Happy Holidays...


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